Far Too Many Half Completed Real Estate Development Projects Still – Heavy Financial Hit Indeed

Will the real estate industry ever fully recover? We all know things are pretty bad in many states in the residential market, places like Phoenix, Las Vegas, Southern CA, Florida, etc. – but the commercial real estate isn’t exactly breaking any speed records either. Meanwhile there are both residential and commercial properties out there barely started, half built, or never to be finished it would seem.The real estate in Florida has seen better days, that’s for sure and those poor folks in the hospitality industry I don’t know how they are dealing with it all, it was a tremendous negative hit to their economy. Not long ago, I was discussing all this with an acquaintance, and he said; “Heck, how about Atlanta?”Well, I am quite certain Tramwell Crow will come out of this in one piece, and ahead of the game, it’s the less savvy I worry about, and all those folks in the Atlanta suburbs living high-on-the-hog and on borrowed time who are history, and it’s the banks in GA I worry most about. Of course, Albany, Savannah, Columbus, Macon, Statesboro, Valdosta, and New Brunswick – ah heck the whole state of Georgia is screwed now.My acquaintance noted; “It’s like a grave-yard of commercial projects that never went past grading work… it’s something to drive by one monstrous lot after another that looks like they just got started, yet ‘just got started’ was a year or two past.” Yes, I was having that same conversation just yesterday in fact, in some of the areas near here. Kind of reminds me of Cape Coral, FL in the 90s.And I can tell you out here in CA, we have many such properties like that, it’s like everything was going great guns, and then just stopped all of a sudden. That’s what happens when bubbles burst. I also lamented that I’ve seen this all over in places like North Las Vegas, Buckeye AZ, Casa Grande AZ, Apache Junction AZ – I could go on and on.There are places like that all over America, builders got caught at the fuzzy edge of the bubble in full swing. But I have to think those developers realized the risks, it’s not like all this didn’t happen before – S and L crisis, Silicon Valley bubble burst. I mean every decade or so, we get a somewhat hardcore sector rotation in the real estate markets right?Indeed, I wonder how many bubble-to-burst decades do people have to live through until they get it? It’s as if people forget, so they swarmed like a mob, creating the very thing they fear most. Ah heck, you know let’s just use Tulips much more progressive? Paper and electronic money is so yesterday?And let’s not forget China is another case in point look, at their issues and runaway real estate challenges, what about Dubai? What like “everything is going to go up forever” imagine an Islamic nation which forbids debt, usury, or paying interest to get that deep in their own hypocrisy? Just call it something else and no one will be the wiser? Yah right – bet the UAE is would like to redo that decade of insanity in Dubai?Question is did humans learn their lessons yet? Or will they just have it happen all over again in the next decade? Please consider all this, and think on it, best of all study this, because soon it will all be history, and if you don’t you are doomed to repeat.

Investing in Condominium Real Estate in Pattaya, Thailand

Why do people buy property in Pattaya Thailand?Sun, sea, golden beaches, low cost and the variety of legendary entertainment make the Pattaya and Jomtien resorts in Thailand irresistible for holidaymakers.Thousands of tourists from every corner of the world visit the Thai resorts of Pattaya and Jomtien for many reasons. Most come initially for a holiday but once they discover the lifestyle available here, for a fraction of the price of the western world, many return year after year. Some come in search of overseas holiday homes and condos, some to relocate permanently or to retire to Thailand in a level of luxury that could only be dreamed of in their own countries.The result of this influx of people and western wealth, has created a boom in Real Estate property developments. This has resulted in a high demand for quality condominiums and modern Thai Bali style houses and villas.The growth in demand has seen a steady rise in prices and some amazing investments returns especially on apartments in condominium developments. Off plan buyers and investors have made in some cases, up to a 26% return on their investment. Matrix Real Estate Developments has been at the forefront of this boom and to cater for the growing demand has built a range of well priced high quality condos to suit a wide range of requirements.The increasing values of condominiums are mainly attributed to property ownership laws in Thailand that make it easier for non Thai nationals to own condos rather than houses and land. Foreign buyers can be sole owners of a condominium hence the demand has created a buoyant market which even during the current difficult worlds economic climate, continues to move in an ever increasing upward direction.The narrow strip of land in Thailand that stretches from Bangkok to Rayong encompassing Pattaya and Jomtien, is known as the ‘Eastern Seaboard’. Situated on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand this area has become a hub of activity for the major sea ports and the oil industry, hence a creating a huge amount of commercial activity. This has drawn Thai and International businesses to the area, driving up the demand for high quality accommodation, and subsequently fueling the property development and real estate prices.Income from Thailand’s service industries forms a large part of Thailand’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Given that the service industries cannot exist without a fast growing and well-developed infrastructure, it is a natural conclusion that real estate prices will continue to grow.Pattaya Thailand has everything to offer the tourist and expat resident with growing investment opportunities in the condo market. Buy for Let opportunities are giving an increased return in investment above those of other international markets.Pattaya Property Market BenefitsYou can buy a new condo (flat / apartment) in your own name.
As your property appreciates in value, you can make a substantial profit when you sell without paying a ransom in taxes. There is no Capital Gains Tax in Thailand!
Investments in Thailand are appreciating very quickly. It is only a small country so space and time are limited.
Thailand has a fast upwardly moving economy of over $130 billion, producing profits of $13 billion every year. Having one of the highest growth rates in any of the Asian countries means that land prices are going to soar, especially in Pattaya.Pattaya CityOne of Thailand’s most favoured destinations is Pattaya City located on the Eastern Seaboard. With the newly upgraded multi-lane highways and skyways whisking you from Bangkok to Pattaya, your journey takes just 1 hour. The narrow strip of land from Bangkok to Rayong that encompasses Pattaya and Jomtien is the hub of all commercial activity; this is where the service industries operate so there is large scope for prices to appreciate. The law of Supply and Demand is very appropriate in this area.Pattaya, the Jewel in the Crown of Tourism within South East Asia, has developed over the past 40 years from a sleepy fishing village into an ever changing, expanding, improving leisure relaxation metropolis, with City status.In recent years Pattaya has become renowned for its family orientated holiday and residential life style. Pattaya boasts some of Thailand’s best tourist and leisure facilities, some of which include:World class Golf Courses.Ocean Marina with exclusive private moorings for luxury yachts and cruisers.The world famous Nong Nooch Gardens with its lush tropical rare plants and artistic elephants.Horseshoe Point, the largest specially developed equestrian center in Asia with 8 undercover riding rings.Underwater World where you can literally reach out and touch the many species of marine life that are normally only found in the surrounding tropical seas.Shopping to suit all pockets is available in Pattaya with a myriad of products from highly exclusive brand name stores, located in the many superb air conditioned shopping malls, through to the local street markets where you can barter for that perfect bargain.Golden coral sand beaches frame this tropical paradise, with the warm South China Sea gently lapping at your toes. For the adventurous there is an almost limitless availability of water sports:Deep sea fishingScuba divingJet skiingSailingPower boatingParasailingWorld class restaurants, bistros and cafes abound, with an almost endless variety of menus to suit everyone’s budget and taste.The vibrant and exciting night life that can be accessed by all includes; several world famous theatres, international multi-screen cinemas, and innumerable other nightlife attractions in this beautiful city of 24 /7 activity and entertainment.Pattaya also has medical facilities that are the envy of the world.Don’t miss out on the great opportunities that Pattaya has to offer

Real Estate Developers and Residential Property in Noida – Real estate development

Noida or New Okhla Industrial Development Authority is regarded as one of the most posh commercial as well as residential development destinations in the entire NCR region. The growth curve of investment in residential property in Noida is perhaps the most steepest. In fact, over the years the demand for residential property in Noida has risen to the degree that the developers of the Delhi NCR region are rather forced to focus their expertise in developing plush living spaces all over the city.There has been record property investments in the real estate market of Noida. Hence, a steady appreciation of the property prices up to 30% is observed annually. This further ensures a highly potential market for the investors as they have the opportunity to earn huge returns.Let us explore some facts related to residential property in Noida.Noida Residential Property
The Noida residential properties are usually in the form of plots, independent houses, luxury villas, condos, penthouses and group housing apartments and flats.
The housing communities are mainly concentrated in sector 14, 15, 27, 28, 29, 37 and 44.
Noida is the operational ground of world renowned realtors like Unitech, Eldeco, Omaxe, Assotech and Gaur.The Noida Real Estate DevelopersUnitech – The Unitech Builders is one of leading developers in India. The group is worth Rs. 1600 crore and is extensively involved into commercial and residential development. The Unitech residential projects include housing societies, mini cities, integrated townships and residential high rises.Eldeco – Eldeco is a 35 year old realty brand operating all over India. The Eldeco builders and developers engage into construction of multi-storied apartments, townships, offices and shopping complexes. The builder has developed special townships in the regions of Haryana, Punjab and UP, each of its projects around 100 to 200 acres of land.Omaxe – Omaxe India Limited is not only involved into development of residential, commercial and retail but also educational institution and hospital units. The exclusive residential spaces of Omaxe are not only restricted to Noida, but also in the other cities of the Delhi NCR, Uttarnchal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.Apart from the above mentioned builders, Noida has host of other developers as well. Among the Noida realtors Jaypee Group, Supertech Builders. Mahagun Builders, BPTP Real Estate, Parsvnath Noida, Triveni Constructions rank top in the list. To purchase residential property in Noida, you are recommended to do good research on the prevalent prices and facilities of the Noida housing sector.

What a Real Estate Developer Does – Real estate development

If you are considering a career in real estate there are a number of options open to you beyond the most well-known ones, such as acting as a buying agent. Instead, you may choose to enter real estate development, where you will actually have a direct hand in the creation of different types of property, instead of simply acting as the third party in transactions involving said properties.So What Do They Do?Simply put, a real estate developer is the person that makes a building happen. They are the ones with the vision, whether it is a simple house construction of the development of an enormous skyscraper that can be seen from miles around.While they won’t be the ones actually building the property, they are the ones who will need to arrange for everything to be done and will usually be the person who assumes all of the risk for whether or not the project ends up being a success.It’s usually their money and their land that the building is being built on, so a real estate developer is somebody who truly makes things happen in the industry and they are vital to keeping the entire industry going.What Do They Need?First and foremost a real estate developer is going to need the cash to make the relevant purchase to secure the land they wish to build on. Whether this be their own cash or money coming in from investors is up to the developer, but without a budget they are not going to be able to do anything.Assuming the required money is in place, a real estate developer’s next task is to find a good team. They will need architects, builders and everything in between to make sure that their project comes to fruition. Just like every orchestra needs the right players before they can make magic, so does the team assembled by a real estate developer.The last thing they need is a reliable supplier of materials. After all, the materials make the building and it is enormously important that the suppliers are both reliable and able to provide the best possible materials on the market.So What Are The Risks?As great as the rewards can be, real estate development also carries with it an enormous risk that must be considered before you start any project. Simply put, the outcome of the development is entirely on your shoulders. Sure, the developer needs a big team of people to make everything come together, but that team won’t be sharing the blame if things go wrong. In fact, more of the blame can be heaped on the developer’s shoulders simply because they are the person who assembled that team.As such, it is important to have plenty of knowledge before you enter this side of real estate. It is not something that can be done by halves, so you need to make sure that you have the time, money and dedication required to make it a success, or you may well find that your reputation ends up in tatters.