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> 11/29/2000 WaterRace movies and more

New movies, screenshots and even music from the final version of WaterRace.

Still a few days before the release of the demo of WaterRace, so why not use this free time to learn more about the game: description, system requirements, list of the levels, ships and pilots, and of course screenshots and movies! And there's even more: get the awesome original sound track of WaterRace in MP3!

Everything is on the WaterRace web site.

> 11/29/2000 WaterRace trailer

See our high-speed ship racing game in action.

We know you've all been waiting anxiously for news from us! Well, we've been working the whole August month on the game and it's getting really close to release now. To show you our progression, we've just setup a brand new video trailer. It's a must-see to discover this unique racing game.

Download the 38Mb QuickTime™ movie from MacGameFiles.com (North America) or from JeuxMac.com (Europe).

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