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> 6/25/2001
WaterRace was reviewed by the US gaming web site Inside Mac Games. WaterRace was rated 7.5 out of 10!! They say: "exceptional sound track", "great graphics" and "Entertaining gameplay". Read the review.
> 5/20/2001
We have released the 1.0.2 update of WaterRace. It essentially fixes some CD detection issues. You can download it here.
> 5/04/2001
WaterRace was reviewed by the US gaming web site Mac Game Database. WaterRace was rated 4 out of 5!! They define the game as a "well-polished, well-thought-out game" with "gorgeous graphics". Read the review.
> 4/27/2001
nVidia owners: we are currently working with the nVidia driver team to fix the graphic problems you are experiencing. We'll post an update here once they are fixed. Thanks for your patience!
> 4/27/2001
This month, WaterRace was reviewed by the French Mac Magazine (May issue): SVM Mac. They liked "the excellent music atmosphere", "the diversity of the levels" and the "inside view of the boats".
> 4/08/2001
Another nice review of WaterRace, this time from the French gaming web site MacAJeux.net. Read the review.
> 4/04/2001
WaterRace was reviewed by the US gaming web site MacGamer.com. WaterRace was rated 3.5 out of 5: "cool racing vehicles", "stunning graphics", "music shines", "Fun single player"... Read the review.
> 3/31/2001
Still hesitating at buying WaterRace? Then appreciate all the great reviews we got from various web sites and magazines!
> 3/31/2001
NEW LOW PRICE: WaterRace is now sold for US $29 ONLY! Don't wait: buy this great game NOW!
> 3/27/2001
WaterRace was reviewed by the Canadian gaming web site GamesMania. WaterRace was rated 85% and received an Editor Choice's Award!! Read the review.
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