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> 3/15/2001
WaterRace was reviewed by the Italian gaming web site Games 4 Mac. WaterRace was rated 3.5 out of 5!! Read the review.
> 2/28/2001
We've released 6 brand new add-ons for WaterRace: unique boats and some weird vehicles for even more fun! Download them from the WaterRace web site.
> 2/25/2001
WaterRace was reviewed by the German gaming web site MacNews.de. WaterRace was rated 5 out of 6!! Read the review.
> 1/31/2001
WaterRace was reviewed by the French gaming web site Mac Game Zone. WaterRace was rated 4 out of 5!! Read the review.
> 1/11/2001
OpenGL 1.2.1 was officially released by Apple. It contains ATI drivers that fix a bug regarding the fog on some Macs (Artic level full white or New York level full black) [ OpenGL 1.2.1 English | OpenGL 1.2.1 French ].
> 1/07/2001
We have released a new version of the WaterRace demo (version 1.1) which includes new levels, new ships and fix some gameplay issues!
> 12/23/2000
We did some tests and it appears that WaterRace runs fine over the Internet for multiplayer games provided you have a good connection (cable modem or DSL).
> 12/20/2000
We just received the CDs back from production today after a few days delay and we will start shipping them tomorrow 21th December. The pre-orders are now closed.
> 12/15/2000
If everything is fine in production, WaterRace will be released on Monday 18th, and we will start shipping copies immediately. Only a few days left for pre-order!
> 12/15/2000
Voodoo 3 owners, we are working closely with 3Dfx engineers to make sure WaterRace is fully compatible with these cards. Expect a solution in a few days.
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