Who's the FT team?

French Touch is an independent team of european Mac developers created in 1998. Since the beginning, they worked for free and during their free time, to bring you the best possible and original games for your Mac.
Their first project, released this November 2000 is a water racing game called WaterRace.

Meet the French Touch team:

David Lardat

Nickname : david
Role : Illustrations and texturing
Age : 26
Location : Bordeaux, France
Experience : David is a comic drawer and scriptwriter, graphic designer and musician
Hardware : mostly pencils :-)
Software : Photoshop, Illustrator
E-mail: dl@french-touch.net

Didier Larue

Nickname : did
Role : 3D artist
Age : 34
Location : Bordeaux, France
Experience :Didier has been working for 3 years as a 2D / 3D graphic designer in a computer design studio.
Hardware : Powermac 8100, 9500 and G3, Silicon Graphics
Software : Photoshop, Softimage
E-mail : didierL@french-touch.net

Eric Dufresne

Nickname : eric
Role : Graphic designer
Age : 28
Location : Angers, France
Experience : Eric has been a 2D graphic designer for 10 years in a design studio and now works in his own design studio since 1997. Eric is also a 3D artist in his spare time.
Hardware : PowerMac 6500/300, UMAX Pulsar & Apus, iMac 233.
Software : the cheapest ones!
E-mail : eric@french-touch.net
Web site : http://www.unimedia.fr/pixtyl (in French)

Israel Delgado

Nickname : SSB
Role : Music and Sfx artist
Age : 29
Location : Burgos, Spain
Experience : 2 CDs released (1 number one of the 40 principales and Top Europa chart in August'94). Works with several spanish bands and some foreigner (Twenty 4 seven/Holland). Works with Theatre Companies, Television and Radio musics. The Hobbit spoken book (spanish) with 4 hours of original celtic music. Actually, working as composer/producer (mostly Funk/R&B bands). WaterRace is my first job for a game (some time ago I made the musics/fx for my own Scenario Marathon SC...)
Hardware : G4/400. PowerMac 8200/120. Atari 1040 ST. Digi 001 audio card. AMT8 midi interface
Synths / guitars : Roland JD800, Roland S760 sampler, Yamaha TG500, Yamaha SY77, Korg exT3, Novation BassStation, Alesis D4, Korg MS20, Fender Stratocaster, Epiphone Acoustic.
FX & recording: Behringer MX8000, Adat Fostex RD8, Portable DAT Sony TCD-D7, Eventide H3000 Se, Boss SE-70, Alesis Quadraverb, Digitech Vocalist II, Electro Harmonix TalkBox, several Boss guitar pedals, Alesis Monitor One.
Software : Peak, Logic Audio...
E-mail : siete7@french-touch.net

Jean-Christophe Charrier

Nickname : jeankik
Role : Level designer and 3D artist
Age : 31
Location : Bordeaux, France
Experience : 2D and 3D packaging and simulation.
Hardware : PowerMac 9500 and G3
Software : Photoshop, Illustrator and sometimes 3D softwares
E-mail : jeankik@french-touch.net
Web sites : None

Marc Gohring

Nickname : marc
Role : 3D animator
Age : 27
Location : Lausanne, Switzerland
Experience : Visual artist, postgraduate in 3D animation at ECAL, Lausanne.
Hardware : iMac DV SE, Silicon Graphics O2
Software : Photoshop, Illustrator, Alias|Wavefront Maya...
E-mail : marc@french-touch.net

Pierre-Olivier Latour

Nickname : pol
Role : Manager and lead programmer
Age : 21
Location : Lausanne, Switzerland
Experience : Pierre-Olivier has been programming on the PowerMac platform in C/C++ for about 2 years and is an ADC member. He's been mainly working on audio programs and has an intimate knowledge of the Sound Manager, but he's now studying the graphic world of the Mac including 2D and real-time 3D.
Hardware : Yosemite 350/128 and PowerBook FireWire 400/128
Software : MetroWerks CodeWarrior, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign...
E-mail : pol@french-touch.net
Web sites : http://www.multimania.com/newman (personnal one - in French)
http://www.french-touch.net/CodeWareHouse (for developers - free dev. kits & source code)

Stephane Rosset

Nickname : stephane
Role : Business Manager
Age : 28
Location : Marly, Switzerland
Experience : Stéphane has worked for Apple Computer as Field System Engineer, he then studied at the university of applied science Fribourg to become a business manager.
Hardware : iMac 333 96/ 6G and Yosemite
Software : OfficeMaker (accounting), MS Office
E-mail: stephane@rench-touch.net

Yann Lorgueilleux

Nickname : yann
Role : Graphic designer
Age : 32
Location : Angers, France
Experience : Yann has been a graphic designer for 9 years in a design studio and now works as a 2D / 3D artist in his own design studio since 1997.
Hardware : PowerMac 6500/300, UMAX Pulsar & Apus
Software : Too many to list!
E-mail : yann@french-touch.net
Web site : http://www.unimedia.fr/pixtyl (in French)

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