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    Greetings and news from French Touch
    Lausanne, Switzerland,
    January 12th, 2000

    First of all, French-Touch keeps growing and 3 new people have joined the
    team: a 3D artist, a 3D animator and a physics programmer.

    There's been a major upgrade of the 3D creation and editing tools, all of
    them based on the Infinity 3D engine. There is now Infinity Model Builder to
    create and animate 3D models, Infinity Terrain Builder that helps you, as
    its name suggests, to create and edit terrains and French Touch game levels,
    and Infinity Metafile Editor used for handling and editing the tags of the
    new Infinity file format, Metafile. The Metafiles are a very powerful format
    common to all Infinity tools.

    We invite you to download Emily, the first 3D animated bunny for
    your desktop right here:


    Simply launch it and enjoy! This is an example of what can be
    done with the new development kit any developer may use for free.
    In combination to our home-made 3D editing tool, Infinity Model Builder,
    developers can create and render incredible 3D animations with thousands of
    polygons in hardware accelerated full-screen quality on PowerMacs.

    Powerful features of the Infinity Engine include:
    • high-precision (1/100 of second) sequencer with linear or quaternion
    • linking,
    • skeleton-based mesh deformation,
    • hi-quality QuickTime™ compressed textures,
    • texture transparency,
    • vertex-based transparency,
    • Gouraud, Lambert and pseudo-Phong shading,
    • aliasing & low resolution rendering,
    • rendering directly onto the screen e.g. render a 3D character directly
    into the Finder's desktop!
    • support for multiple audio tracks,
    • and much more...

    For more details and to download the tools, visit our freshly redesigned
French Touch is a independent European game developer dedicated to the creation of exclusive 3D games for the Macintosh. Their first title is a water racing game called WaterRace.

More info can be found in the following web sites (including archives of the press releases and high-definition versions of the logos):
Contact: Stéphane Rosset