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    New French Touch products!
    Paris, France
    August 5th, 1999

    French Touch is proud to present its latest creations which are freely
    downloadable on the web site :
    You will also find on theses web pages the latest news of our upcoming games
    - WaterRace and Lords of Steel, desktop screens, a press room... and lots of
    information regarding French Touch.

    Snap It 1.0

    Snap it! is the definitive screen capture tool for MacOS.

    Contrary to other screen capture tools available, Snap It! is a very
    low-level screen hacker: Snap It! can take a picture of every part of the
    screen absolutely whenever you want and save the result in a standard PICT
    And most of all, Snap It! is freeware!

    No more troubles in taking screenshots of programs like games which do not
    give processing time to the Finder or to the classical screen capture
    programs and prevent them from capturing the screen content.

    Snap It! can capture in any bitdepth and in any size provided enough memory
    is available.

    If you can see it on screen, then Snap It! can capture it!

    D-Fusion 1.0

    D-Fusion is a stand alone player for Fusion object files.

    It is less than 150Kb but includes both the Infinity 3D Rave Engine and the
    Fusion sequencer allowing you to play full screen the animations contained
    in Fusion object files by just dropping the object file onto D-Fusion's icon
    or double-clicking onto the D-Fusion's icon.
    And most of all, D-Fusion is freeware!

    You can directly use the Fusion object files in D-Fusion: no conversion
    process is required.

    Create awesome 3D real-time animation using Fusion, then just distribute
    them over the Internet with the D-Fusion player!

    Chronos 1.0

    Chronos is the first high-quality real-time 3D screen saver for the Mac.

    Anybody knows that screen savers are not really useful, but they are nice.
    What about a new generation of screen savers?
    You're tired of seeing always the same flat 2D screen saver? You've got a
    brand new G3 and want a screen saver that use the power of the new Rage 128?
    What about having cool animations that will blow your PC friends still using
    the Windoze standard screen saver with that jerky 3D text animation?

    The answer is Chronos: Chronos is the only real-time 3D screen saver with
    awesome performances for the Mac. All you need is a PowerMac with 3D

    And most of all, Chronos is freeware!

    Fusion 2.5

    Fusion is a powerful 3D editor developed by French Touch in order to create
    the 3D models to be used in their games.

    Fusion 2.5 is a must-have update of Fusion: improved interface, improved
    caracter animation, and rotoscoping are among the new features.

    Fusion was developed totally from the ground up as a real-time editor and is
    based on the Infinity 3D Rave engine; this makes it the fastest 3D tool
    available on the Mac plateform even on low end PowerMacs.

    Fusion can import the meshes contained in 3DMF files, modify them (position,
    rotation, scale...), add colors or textures, and save the result in a
    specific file format, which may be directly use in our games.
    Fusion also offers powerful features like: linking, a sequencer to animate
    the objects, a vertex per vertex texture mapping editor, rotoscoping,
    multiple texture sets, cameras...
French Touch is a independent European game developer dedicated to the creation of exclusive 3D games for the Macintosh. Their first title is a water racing game called WaterRace.

More info can be found in the following web sites (including archives of the press releases and high-definition versions of the logos):
Contact: Stéphane Rosset