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    Announcement of the creation of French Touch
    Bordeaux, France
    March 29th, 1999

    French Touch is a newly created game company, born from the meeting on
    Internet of five French people: one programmer and four graphic designers,
    French Touch develops real-time 3D games on and for Power Macintosh. For
    this purpose, French Touch developed an exclusive 100% Rave 3D engine
    (Infinity) which is compatible with the ATI 3D chips of the latest Power
    Macs G3.

    French Touch also developed its own software such as Fusion for example,
    which is a unique 3D editing program entirely in real-time dedicated to the
    creation of the models for our games – more info is available on the web
    site :

    French Touch also wishes to create a new type of relationship between the
    players and the developers of the game, by on the one hand associating them
    actively with the development of the game (thanks to beta-testing), and on
    the other hand by placing at their free disposal on the web site the
    development tools used for the game such as model and terrain editors.
    The players will be able to easily create extensions or additional levels
    and we will of course put the best ones for download on the web site of the

    The games currently under development at French Touch are:


    For its first realization, French Touch decided to choose a type of arcade
    game still unknown in the macintosh gaming world: boat races.
    WaterRace is a racing game where the player will be able to face adversaries
    either simulated by the computer, or in network play over the Internet.
    WaterRace brings in addition many innovations to this concept: full 3D, open
    architecture of the game, many "vehicles" and animated terrains...
    WaterRace uses a special version of the 3D engine developed by French Touch
    which supports special effects like Soft Shadows, Lens Flares...
    The open architecture of the program will make it possible for the player to
    easily add extension packs: new boats, new terrains, new musics... which he
    will find on the Internet site of the game. But the player will also be able
    to create by himself extension packs thanks to the development tools created
    for the game, that French Touch will put for free download on the web site.
    Such features promise an almost unlimited lifetime for the game!
    All the terrains will be different not only by their difficulty but also by
    their "atmosphere" so... special: lagoon, antartic, boat cemetery...

    Our goal: fun, speed, the satisfaction of the player, and of course to prove
    that it’s possible to create very good original games for the Mac!

    WaterRace will definitely mark the year 99 of the Mac game world.

    WaterRace will be distributed on Internet and will be sold as a shareware,
    most probably around $25 U.S.
    Release date: before summer 99.
    For further information relating to WaterRace, to get regularly updated
    screen shots as well as the lastest news, connect to the web site of the
    game :

    Lords of Steel

    This game is our long time project. Unfortunately, we cannot diffuse yet
    much information on this game. All that we can say for the moment, is that,
    although it is based on the same 3D engine, Lords of Steel will be radically
    different from WaterRace.

    Lords of Steel is an adventure game with a complex script which takes place
    in a post-feudal futuristic universe where Mechs have replaced the knights.
    The sound track is considered as much important as the graphical part of the
    game and this will promise a total immersion of the player in the fantastic
    world of Lords of Steel.

    Due to the required storage, Lords of Steel is intended to be published on

    No release date has been defined yet and further information will be
    available progressively with the advance of the game on the site :


    On the web site of French Touch ( ), you will be
    able to read the latest news, to learn more on our projects of games, but
    also to read a detailed summary of the history of the creation of French
    Touch and a profile of its members.

    A press room which includes high-resolution images of the games and logos
    (of a printable quality on paper magazines) and the texts of the press
    releases, is also accessible from the web site.

    For all other information related to French Touch or to the games under
    development, do not hesitate to write to us: or to
    contact directly the person whose name and e-mail are specified below.


    The French Touch Team
French Touch is a independent European game developer dedicated to the creation of exclusive 3D games for the Macintosh. Their first title is a water racing game called WaterRace.

More info can be found in the following web sites (including archives of the press releases and high-definition versions of the logos):
Contact: Stéphane Rosset