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    Brand new WaterRace trailer available from the WaterRace web site!
    Lausanne, Switzerland
    August 24th, 2000

    We know you've all been waiting anxiously for news from us! Well, we've been
    working the whole August month on the game and it's getting really close to
    release now and we took some time to setup a brand new QuickTime trailer in
    order to show you our progression. It's time to see this unique high-speed
    racing game in action!

    Remember our old WaterRace trailer from last year? Well, forget it and
    discover the new WaterRace. This trailer showcases the final WaterRace,
    which features redesigned ships, redesigned levels, redesigned 3D
    characters, improved music and more. It's a whole new game!

    Download the trailer from the WaterRace web site:

    You might wonder why we decided to redesign most of the game... well keep in
    mind we're not professional game developers and that we're working in our
    free time only on WaterRace. The consequence is that we learned a lot during
    the first year of development and we eventually realized that most of our
    first work was not as perfect as we wished, so we took the risk to start
    over on many features. And as this video proves, it worked out!

    To answer your upcoming question : we still cannot give you a more accurate
    release date than "this fall" since we're still in discussion with
    publishers and editors. But keep assured we're really doing our best in
    order that WaterRace is out ASAP.

    We hope you'll enjoy this trailer - happy downloading !

    Best regards,

    The French Touch Team
French Touch is a independent European game developer dedicated to the creation of exclusive 3D games for the Macintosh. Their first title is a water racing game called WaterRace.

More info can be found in the following web sites (including archives of the press releases and high-definition versions of the logos):
Contact: Stéphane Rosset