For immediate publication


    Lausanne, Switzerland,
    April 14th, 2000

    Recently some people have been wondering what was happening to our
    company... Did we encounter enormous problems developing the game, did we
    stop working?

    Today, we can say the answer is no: the French Touch team is definitely
    Actually, we had simply decided to isolate from the outside world in order
    to concentrate completely on our upcoming 3D game. We have been working very
    hard in the last few months on our upcoming title WaterRace. And now it's
    time to showcase the results:

    We have a new version of our home-made 3D engine: Infinity Engine V3. Even
    better graphic quality, visual FX, particle systems, improved animation
    system and more.

    We also redesigned the game WaterRace in order to get the best out of
    Infinity V3: redesigned ships, even nicer levels, awesome music, video FX,
    3D animated characters and much, much more...
    A bunch of new screenshots (including the ones from a previously unrevealed
    terrain: Scotland), boat descriptions and character profiles are already
    available on the freshly updated WaterRace web site:

    You will be amazed by the very special atmosphere and look they present!

    While you are online, don't forget to download a new exclusive set of
    desktop pictures based on the game. Give your Mac the look of one of the
    most original games of the year!

    Our _free_ 3D tools have been of course also updated: on top of importing
    QuickDraw3D 3DMF, Infinity Model Builder now supports DXF and OBJ format
    imports, has amazing built-in particle effects and the animation sequencer
    has been considerably improved.

    Finally, next month we will unveil a brand new WaterRace level. Be there!

    Best greetings,

    The French Touch Team
French Touch is a independent European game developer dedicated to the creation of exclusive 3D games for the Macintosh. Their first title is a water racing game called WaterRace.

More info can be found in the following web sites (including archives of the press releases and high-definition versions of the logos):
Contact: Stéphane Rosset