Software updates

Here's the list of the currently available updates for our commercial products. You can download them for free from our server.

> WaterRace 1.0.1

New & improved features:


• adaptative AI (the bots now wait for the human player so he/she does not race alone)
• improved follow camera
• enabled access to Cote d'Azur level in Network games


• fixed a problem with the error messages displayed when QD3D was not installed.
• now renders using the Apple Software engine on 3Dfx V3 cards. You need to trash the WaterRace preference file located inside the "French Touch" folder of the Preferences folder.

• If you have installed MacOS X Beta, you need to remove the "Classic Rave" extension located inside the Extensions folder to play WaterRace.
• If you are in trouble controlling the ships, read the enclosed "Ship Driving tips" text file.

> WaterRace 1.0.2

New & improved features:

• fixed some CD-Rom / CD-audio problems on certain drives,
• adaptative AI disable in "Hard difficulty", and modified in "Medium difficulty",
• Pilot files are directly deleted when clicking "Delete" in the interface.

Using WaterRace under MacOS X Classic:
• Trash the WaterRace prefs file in the OS 9 "Preferences" folder.
• Make sure "Classic Rave" extension is in the OS 9 "Extensions" folder.
• Launch WaterRace under Classic.
• Set game resolution to 640x480 in the Preferences.

Download the update from our server.

> WaterRace 1.0.3

New & improved features:

• No CD required to play the game,
• Recompiled with CodeWarrior 7,

This update WAS NOT tested: use it at your own risks.

Download the update from our server.

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