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Artificial Intelligence (AI) or racing against the computer

WaterRace has surely one of the best AI you will find in a racing game. It is a really challenging AI that you won't beat the first time you race, but only when you've become experiences enough. Such an AI means a strong lifetime for the game.

Even us, the creators of this game, are not able to beat the AI all the time even after having played hundreds and hundreds of races.

So is this AI almost unbeatable? First, please note that in WaterRace, the AI does not cheat: contrary to some racing games where bots win only because they cheat (have a faster vehicle for example, or access the physic engine to compute exactly the future trajectory of the ship, which is impossible for a human). The point is that if the AI does not cheat, then you can beat

In WaterRace, each the AI is divided into bots (one per ship) and each bot has its own "virtual input device" to control its ship, exactly as a normal human player. Furthermore, they cannot have access to data or info a human player won't nor do maneuvers a human won't be able to do.

So what are the differences between a human being and a bot in WaterRace:
• the bot knows perfectly its ship,
• the bot have faster and stronger reflexes, which means it's difficult to
push away a bot's ship,
• the bot knows the track perfectly
• the human is way smarter, which means for example a human will wait until
the perfect moment to overtake another ship while the bot will not,
• the human has courage or inconsient (depends of your point of view)
which means he will attempt to do maneuvers the AI will not.

If you still think this might sound too much difficult, relax and consider that WaterRace has 3 difficulty levels which implies that any player from the beginner to the hardcore gamer will find an adapted challenge in this game.

You also need to know that we designed the AI and the bots so that:
• bots do not fight against each other,
• bots try to play with the human player which means that if you're way behind them, they will somehow wait for you (so that you don't play alone or be discouraged) - but not too much :-)

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