The 8 levels of WaterRace

OK, actually, there are 9 levels in WaterRace, but the ninth is a secret level (it's Leah's level), so you will have to figure out by yourself how it looks like!


Located within the arctic polar circle, this circuit glides through ice fronts. The sea is quiet, the entire site is covered in a thick layer of fog, giving way to the doom light of the midnight sun.


One of the most challenging races of the championship, in the middle of the rocky walls of the canyon. The numerous obstacles and the difficult track leave no chance of victory to the player who loses concentration.


Discover the Asian circuit of WaterRace inside the well- known Halong Bay. Race among its gigantic boulders drowned in fog, avoid the traditional Chinese junks, the houses on pilings, the pagodas...


Race in a paradise lagoon, between mountainous islands and beaches covered in palm trees... The sky is deep blue, the sea is quiet and still. This place looks like heaven, but beware, your opponents are no tourists!

Naval Base

Site description : Deep-sea navy harbor
• Weather data : Clear sky, starry night, Rough sea
• Mission : Win the race

New York

This is the only real indoor race of the WaterRace championship: it takes place in the maze of the New York sewers. Race accross tunnels and collectors but beware that the dim light and some deficient signals can mislead you!


The decor is a Scottish lake, whose surface is swept by an icy wind. Have a look at the old castle and at the stones erected in the Paleolithic era. This racing circuit is an ideal place where the WaterRace pilots can set free their speed impulse.


Sun rises on still asleep Venice. In the dawn light, gondolas are waiting for honey-mooners. The circuit goes through the canals of the well known city, through the harbor, and through unusual plazas and popular districts.

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