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All these movies come from the final version of WaterRace. They showcase the stunning action you can experience in this game!

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240 x 180 - 2519 Kb
QuickTimeŞ Movie - Sorenson compression

Artic Whale

This movie was taken during a "Time race" game in the "Artic" level. The player was using one of the most amazing ship of WaterRace : the "Drag Boat". In this movie, you can see it starting to fly at about 210 Km/h (130 MpH) a few meters above the sea!
A few seconds later, the player hit a whale swimming under the sea, and the "Drag Boat" went flying into the air again!

240 x 180 - 3354 Kb
QuickTimeŞ Movie - Sorenson compression

Drag Boat in Naval Base

Naval Base is the only night level of WaterRace. It's a pretty difficult one, especially if you use the Drag Boat.
In this movie, the player makes the usual mistake people do when they drive this ship: he keeps the engine at-full power whereas the ship starts flying, and consequently looses control of its "aircraft" a few seconds later at high speed: 240 Km/h (150 MpH)!!
This movie also demonstrates that, with the Drag Boat, you can overtake another ship by flying upon it, but it's a quite difficult trick only master pilots can do!

240 x 180 - 4174 Kb
QuickTimeŞ Movie - Sorenson compression

High speed racing in Venice

"Venice" is definitly one of the most difficult levels of the game. You can see it here in Easy level in "Tournament" mode and appreciate an extract of the variety of ships and their truly different behavior.
On the other side, notice how the ships caracteristics are well balanced: although each of them is totally unique, none of them would win easily.

240 x 180 - 5036 Kb
QuickTimeŞ Movie - Sorenson compression

Offshore in Jamaica

"Jamaica" is a beautiful level and the "Offshore Racer" one of the fastest ship of the game. The result from the mixing of both is amazing action and high speed. This movie was taken in "Free play" mode where all the opponents use the exact same ship.
Check out also the excellent AI we have in this game by trying to figure out which player is human and which are simply bots.

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