The 8 pilots of WaterRace

OK, actually, there are 9 pilots in WaterRace, but the ninth is Leah, the current WaterRace Grand Champion, and is not selectable by the player.

Bob Ska Jamaica

Nested from early childhood in reggae music, in the song of the waves and the roaring of
motors, Bob started a blazing career in motonautical competition. Bob looks cool, but he is a dreadful pilot, who an maneuver like nobody else.

Ewan Mac Gore Scotland

Born in Sky Island, his passion for the Sea dates back from his very early age. Naturally fond of legends, he tells everyone who wants to hear him that he has succeeded in approaching Nessie, the Loch Monster.

Francesca Toucci Venice

The Italian girl combines speediness and agility, both qualities she acquired while training in her native city of Venice. An expert in Formula 1 in shore, she does not leave much chance to her opponents.

Mc Tiger New York

Fanatic of extreme contests, the hip hop star got initiated in the nautical sports only lately. Now a remarkable pilot, MC Tiger is also fully appreciated on the paddocks, where he does not hesitate to exhibit his talents as a "human beat box ".

Rusty Mac cow Canyon

This genuine cow-boy from Texas, previously a rodeo champion, is a country man with a rock solid determination. A friendly and open man, he nevertheless is a tough and proud competitor.

Sarah Craft Naval Base

Sergeant Instructor Sarah Craft was led off from the Marine Corps on charge of having striken and severely wounded a high officer. She is the unrivaled pilot of the fabulous Drag Boat. Watch out!: with the Drag Boat, she is a real "fighter"!

Sergei Kouglov Arctic

Native from Mourmansk, Sergei, the son of a fisherman, is thoroughly familiar with the northern seas and their rough climates. Today, his stubborness and skill have brought him to the top of the WaterRace championship.

Wang Lei Halong Bay

He is the Number One WaterRace champion in Asia. His favorite boat is the mighty Hydroplane, which requires art and practice to maneuver. This means that Wang is a merciless competitor on his site as well as everywhere else.

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