Hold-Up Features

Learn about Hold-Up features and discover why this personal finance manager is the best currently available for Mac!

Some on these features are available only in the Pro version of Hold-Up. Read the versions page for more information.


Key features

Very easy to use

Contrary to other personal finance softwares, which have very complicated interfaces with lots of windows, Hold-Up has a unique window where you can see in a glance what matters:
• the account and filter list (see point #2 for the meaning of the filters),
• the name of the account or filter currently selected with its current and future balance,
• the account or filter transaction list, with the details of each transaction (date, name, amount, category...),
• the number and the sum of the displayed transactions.

The window also spots 2 interactive items:
• a multi-purpose button (account creation, transaction creation, print...),
• a very fast search field (see below).

Hold-Up est si simple que vous n'avez même pas besoin de lire le manuel avant de commencer à l'utiliser!

Filter creation

This is definitely the most powerful Hold-up feature: filters are kind of "virtual accounts" that appear in the account list and which displays a selection of transactions extracted from one or several accounts.

The selection may be according to the transaction type, its date range, its amount range, its payment type...

To take a simple example, you can create a filter that displays only the transactions of the current month. Filter possibilities are limitless.

Dynamic notes

Like any other personal finance managing software, Hold-Up can attach a text note to each transaction, but Hold-Up has a much more efficient way to display the notes: just roll the mouse over the note icon to display its content.

Lightning fast search

Hold-Up can find very quickly one or several transactions among hundreds thanks to its find field:
just type the first characters of the name, amount, category... and Hold-Up filters dynamically the transactions to keep only the ones that match the criterion.

Scheduled transactions

To make your life easier, Hold-Up allows you to create "scheduled transactions" to fit redundant transactions e.g. salary, rent... Transactions are automatically created at the specified date or a few days before.

Automatic completion of the transaction names

No more tired of entering always the same transaction names: Hold-Up tracks them for you and you only need to type the first few characters.

Multiple transaction edition

Hold-Up allows you to select several transaction in the list and edit only some of their parameters: e.g. edit their amount or category or even both.

Skin choice

Even a personal finance managing application should look nice because it will be more pleasant to use. As a matter of fact, Hold-Up has several skins for its main window (4 are already avalaible, more coming) so you can choose the one you prefer.

You can see several window skins on the screenshots page.

Automatic save

No need to type "Command-S" anymore and all the time: Hold-Up save automatically your account files and only when it's needed.

Native for MacOS X

While Hold-Up is primary a Classic application for MacOS 8.5 or later, it does exists as a Carbon version that runs natively on MacOS X.


Detailed features list

  • Interface:
    • Extremely simple interface: one single window, two lists and one button.
    • Ability to change the skin of the window: 4 different ones are provided by default.
    • Customizable display: visible columns, sort order...
  • Accounts:
    • Can manage several accounts.
    • Unlimited number of transactions per account.
    • Password protected accounts.
    • Save the accounts in the "Documents" folder or in any other folder.
    • Automatic save.
    • Keeps a backup copy when deleting an account.
    • Each account may use a different currency (including the ones with no cents).
    • Display current, future and reconciled balances.
  • Transactions:
    • Automatic completion of the transaction names in the dialog boxes to avoir entering again and again the same name.
    • Ability to create scheduled transactions for redundant transactions e.g. salary, rent... Transactions are automatically created at the specified date.
    • Import transactions form a tabulated text file or a Quickenª QIF file (Mac or PC formatted).
    • Export transactions to a tabulated text file or a Quickenª QIF file.
    • Can select more than one transaction at the same time.
    • Mutliple transaction edition.
    • Custom info parameter e.g. use it to store a check number.
    • Can attach a text note to each transaction, which will popup under the mouse when the mouse is over transaction line.
    • Can reconcile transactions.
    • Can mark transactions with a warning signal.
    • Copy / paste / cut / duplicate selected transactions.
    • Can create future transactions.
  • Miscellaneous features:
    • Find field that applies to all the parameters of the transactions: name, date, amount, category...
    • Creation of powerful "filters" that display only the transactions that match certain criteria: type, amount, category, date range...
    • Transaction list printing with choice of displayed columns and font used.
    • Predefined list of 10 payments types.
    • Predefined list of 30 categories.
    • Currency converion features (Euro compatible).