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Hold-Up is a unique personal finance manager for MacOS 8.6 to X.

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Hold-Up intro

The Hold-Up personal finance manager software was created by Pierre-Olivier Latour and Didier Larue.
It is distributed as a shareware for US $20 (Basic version) or US $30 (Pro version).

Like any other personal finance manager, you can manage several accounts, enter an unlimited number of transactions, create scheduled transactions, define categories, payment types...

BUT here's why this product is way better than other products available now:
Contrary to others personal finance managers, Hold-Up has a nice and very well designed user interface, and most important, it has exclusive features like:

  • powerful filters (which display only transactions that match some criteria),
  • multiple transactions edition in one dialog,
  • automatic transaction name completion,
  • dynamic notes (they popup under the mouse),
  • a lighting fast search field,
  • several skins (Platinum, Aqua...),
  • currency conversion...

Even if you have never use your computer to manage your personal finance, now you can do it easily!

Want to learn more? Check out the features list!


Required configuration

• 800x600 screen in 256 colors
• PowerPC processor
• 32 Mb RAM
• 10 Mb of free hard drive space
• MacOS 8.5 or later or MacOS X Final

Hold-Up runs fine on all iMacs and iBooks.


Latest news

5/13/2003 - Hold-Up 1.7.6 available

    A small maintenance update to fix some rare problems reported by some Hold-Up users:
    • Pressing shift key down during startup bypass execution of scheduled transactions.
    • Scheduled transactions with incorrect parameters are now bypassed preventing Hold-Up hanging indefinitely when executing scheduled transactions.
    • Fixed an interface bug in scheduled transaction list where pressing the up / down arrow keys would edit the selected scheduled transaction.
    • Fixed an interface bug where clicking in the account list scrollbar would redisplay the list even if it was hidden

5/21/2002 - Hold-Up available in Spanish

    Thanks to David Martinez from Spain, the Hold-Up 1.7.5 application is now available in Spanish!

4/28/2002 - Languages

    Thanks to Hans Dobbelaere from Belgium, Hold-Up 1.7.5 is again available in Dutch!
    At the same time, the German version of Hold-Up is also back!

4/28/2002 - Hold-Up 1.7.5 available

    It appeared that several bugs specific to Hold-Up 1.7 were not detected during beta-testing. Actually, Hold-Up 1.7 was a big step from 1.6 with lots and lots of source code changes, and it was difficult to re-test all Hold-Up functionalities.
    As said before, Hold-Up 1.7 is the last 1.x version. However, Hold-Up's customers cannot be left with a version that contains bugs - until 2.0 comes out. So here's a "bug fixes" version. It still has a few new features though:
    • Optimized sorting algorithms.
    • Changing the state of the reconciled box or the warning box of a transaction, directly in the transaction list of a filter, no more refreshes the filter immediately.
    It fixes the following bugs:
    • Fixed a bug that could crash the program when the transaction list has only one item.
    • Fixed a bug when deleting expired scheduled transactions.
    • Fixed printing margins not being saved correctly on a metric system.
    • Fixed incorrect calculation of number of pages to print in certain circumstances.
    • Fixed incorrect alphabetical sorting.
    • Fixed a bug when adding operations to an empty account could crash.
    • Fixed incorrect transaction list subsorting.
    • Fixed a bug regarding the scrollbar thumb positionning.
    • Fixed a bug that could crash the program when drawing the transaction list.

3/18/2002 - Hold-Up 1.7 available

    This version of Hold-Up will be the last one before 2.0. It spots many enhancements and bug fixes.
    Here are the new features:
    • Hold-Up for OS X now use the Carbon Events model for better OS X compatibility.
    • Duplicate button in the scheduled transaction list.
    • Shift-Return now insert a return character in every dialog field while Return and Enter correctly confirm any dialog.
    • Key filtering on every text number field so that you cannot enter anything else than a number or an amount.
    • Using Appearance Manager compliant cursors.
    • Custom versions of string comparison routines that are much faster.
    • Up to 64 transactions can be created in the demo version of Hold-Up.
    • The cursor watch is displayed when sorting a big (> 1000) transaction list.
    • Instantaneous reverse sorting in the transaction list.
    • Optimized sorting algorithms (up to 10 times faster).
    • Optimized display performances (list scrolling is about 2.5 times faster).
    • Support for currencies with no cents.
    • A warning alert appears when all the columns do not fit on the printing page.
    • Printing margins.
    • Autocomplete now looks for transaction names only in the current transaction list instead of all accounts.
    • Autocomplete now use temporal sorting instead of alphabetical sorting i.e. when typing a transaction name, the autocomplete feature now completes it with the name of the last transaction created that fits the first characters entered.
    • Support for mouse wheel in the transaction list (OS X only).
    • Typing the first characters of a transaction name in the transaction list will select it (works also in the account list).
    • At first startup, a message is displayed that indicates where the data files are stored (i.e. in "Documents/Hold-Up Accounts").
    • Category and payment mode now recognized when importing tabulated text (provided categories and payments modes with the same names are defined in the preferences).
    • Position of currency symbol (before or after number) customizable on a per-account basis.
    • Transaction name filtering option in the filters.
    • Option-clicking in the scroll bar body is equivalent to page-up / page-down.
    • Last settings for QIF or tabulated text import are saved in the preferences.
    • Text too long to fit in a column is now condensed before being possibly truncated (disabled when printing because some printers cannot handle it properly).
    • Autocomplete button for the "Custom info" field of the transaction edition dialog: fill the field with the latest check number entered, increased by one.
    It fixes the following bugs:
    • Cosmetic problems in the tabulated text import dialog in OS X.
    • Password field now use bullets in OS X.
    • Cosmetic problems in dialog lists and info items in OS X.
    • Cmd-X now works in the text fields with autocompletion.
    • Printing an empty page no more produces an error.
    • Incorrect date column width in certain circumstances.
    • Scheduled transaction with monthly repetition that occur on the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month now repeat correctly (a transaction that is supposed to occur the 31th day of a month with only 30 days will be created the 30th instead of the 1st of the next month).
    • Fixed a bug regarding the scrollbar thumb positionning.
    • Incorrect category column info when exporting transactions in a tabulated text file.

2/20/2002 - Hold-Up forums

    We have opened a set of public forums for Hold-Up users. Ask your questions, share your tips, give us your feedback, discuss or request new features in one single place!
    Don't hesitate to visit and participate!

    These forums are now the prefered method for communicating with us, since, instead of using e-mail, every user can benefit from our discussions.

2/03/2002 - New language released and minor update

    A new translation of Hold-Up is available thanks to Simon Soenens: the Dutch version. Note that the users manual will not be available in this language.
    Minor corrections were done on the German version of Hold-Up 1.6: you should re-download it.

1/15/2002 - New languages

    The Hold-Up application is now available in German and Italian thanks to Stéphane Rosset and Bruno Vella. Note that the users manual will not be available in Italian and its German version will be released later.

1/15/2002 - Version 1.6 of Hold-Up available

    This version brings the following new features:
    • Printing code under OS X now use printing sessions.
    • All files are now displayed in the Open dialog when importing transactions.
    • When imported, all uppercase-only texts are automatically converted to lowercase.
    • Added an option in the General preferences to require a double-click to change the reconciled checkbox state.
    • Double-click in the scheduled transaction list edit the selected transaction.
    It fixes the following bugs:
    • Number of occurences was not taken into account in scheduled transactions.
    • Printed by default pages 1 to 1 on OS X.
    • Aqua skin focus frame is now in blue as in OS X 10.1.
    • Page-Up, Page-Down, Home & End keys are now usable when in the transaction list.
    • When creating a new filter, starting and ending dates are now set by default to the current date.
    • Checkmarks filtering now work as expected.

11/23/2001 - F.A.Q. and Tips pages have been updated

    I've just updated the F.A.Q. and Tips pages. It's a must-read!

11/22/2001 - Brand new web site!

    Welcome to the new web site for the Hold-Up application. The goal of this new web site is to contain much more info than the previous one and be updated more often ;-)

11/13/2001 - Version 1.5 of Hold-Up available

    This version brings lots of new features:
    • Maximal number of accounts and filters raised to 64 in the PRO version.
    • Replaced "Expenses in bold" option with "Incomes in bold" option.
    • Option-click on the OK button or Option-Return allows to enter many transactions at once in the new transaction dialog.
    • More flexible QuickenŞ QIF import to allow import of some non-standard QIF files.
    • Categories assigned to transactions in QIF files are now recognized by Hold-Up provided categories with the same names exist in the Hold-Up preferences.
    • Improved auto-complete.
    • Income / Expense columns (see preferences).
    • Bigger font used in the display area.
    • Account column (filters only).
    • Option to hide the currency symbol in the transaction list.
    • Redesigned layout of the preferences dialog.
    • Redesigned printed page header.
    • Improved printed page automatic layout.
    • Maximal number of selected transactions at once increased from 256 to 1024.
    • Use of the Enter key in the address field of the account info dialog to create a new line.
    • Basic currency conversion (useful for Euro currency compatibility - see preferences).
    • Automatic removal of useless space chars in the descriptions of imported transactions.
    • Possibility to specify how dates are formatted when importing tabulated text files.
    Of course, it also fixes some bugs:
    • System menus displayed in French under MacOS X in the English version of Hold-Up.
    • Reconciled balance now updated correctly when checking transactions in the transaction list.
    • Scheduled transactions are now created with the occurence date instead of the current date.
    • Progressive solde column not updated correctly when deleting a transaction.
    • Incorrect sorting direction for some columns.
    • Transaction dates can now be printed using the long date format.
    • QIF files detection: an imported text file is assumed to be in QIF format if its name ends with '.qif'.
    • Sometimes incorrect header list drawing when clicking on it.
    • Incorrect main window resizing when the screen resolution is smaller than the minimal main window size.
    • First transaction imported from a QIF file could be corrupted.
    • Unix formatted text files are now imported correctly.
    • Added workaround to fix transaction export bug under MacOS 8.5 / 8.6.
    • Edit menu items are now enabled / disabled correctly.
    • Preferences menu item now in the Application menu under MacOS X.
    • A crash could occur when using the search field with a currency symbol.