How to order Hold-Up

To buy the full version of Hold-Up, proceed as follow:

1) choose the version you need: Basic or Pro,
2) send us your information and the correct payment,
3) we process your order,
4) we send you by e-mail your personal serial number,
5) you download and install the application (click on the "Full version" link on the left)
6) you launch Hold-Up, enter your personal serial number, then start using it!


• The complete version of Hold-Up is around 2 Mb, so you can download it even if you have a modem connection.
• When you buy Hold-Up Basic or Pro version, you get free upgrades of Hold-Up version 1.x up to Hold-Up version 2.0 not included!
• Each Hold-Up license you buy is valid for a single computer only: you have to buy as many licenses as computers you will use Hold-Up on.

Now choose one of the following methods of payment:


Pay online using your credit card (FASTEST)

You pay using Kagi registration system which is a securized online payment system. Simply connect to this address and follow the instructions:

You should receive your personal serial number in the next few hours.


Pay by check if you are in Europe

You can send a check to the order of "Didier Larue" and of the amount related to the version you want to buy to this address:

Didier Larue
31, rue Camille Sauvageau
33800 Bordeaux

The check must be in French Franc or Euros currency.
Also indicate your name, complete address, e-mail and the version of Hold-Up you want to buy, or we won't be able to process your registration.


Pay by cash, invoice, money order...

Download the demo version of Hold-Up and use the enclosed registration program. Read the "Read me" file to learn the procedure.