Hold-Up Reviews

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Hold-Up reviews


Some extracts of the great feedback from Hold-Up users

I've just purchased the pro version of "Hold-up" and am very impressed, nice little program.

Mark E.

I'm very pleased to find an accounting app done in such a nice way.

Sven N.

I will recommand this application to all my colleques.

Scott S.

I'm impressed by the product.

Kenneth M.

This looks like a wonderful product.

Marc B.

Hold-up is an excellent program. I had been looking for a good home financial package for years.

Steve C.

Just like to say that its a great little program!

Tony S.

Have used holdup for about 2 months. I really enjoy the simplicity and power of the program.

Joseph F.

Hold-Up is really cool, more versatile than I thought. And let me take this oppurtunity to compliment you for coming out with such a simple, easy-to-use and good-looking personal application. Unfortunately, the other apps that I tried out were either buggy or too complicated or devoid of certain essential features.

Kunal B.

I've been using Hold-Up Pro for a short while now and I've been very impressed by it so far. The interface is excellent and the search feature very fast. The manual and web site are also very stylish.

Michael R.

I've been using the demo version of Hold-Up 1.1 and am very impressed.

Phil D.

I love this program and it's effectiveness is due to its simplicity. Keep up the good work. I've already recommended it to a handful of people at work.

Richard E.

I just purchased the Hold Up Pro. I find the program very nice.

Reed J.