Hold-Up Screenshots

Here's a gallery of screenshots of Hold-Up in action. Click on a thumbnail to display the image full-screen.
The screenshots come from the French version of Hold-Up, but the English version looks the same.


Main window

Hold-Up has a very simple interface. Everything happens in a single window: the account and filter list is on the left and the transaction list, related to the selected account or filter, is on the right.

On the other hand, with a simple mouse click, you may choose the window skin that you prefer.

Hold-Up is provided with several skins e.g. Aqua, iSkin, Platinum...


Dialog windows

Hold-Up dialog windows are simple and obvious, so you can immediately understand them.
We also managed to reduce their number to less than a dozen for the complete software!



Of course, Hold-Up offers you to print the transaction list to keep a copy on paper. The printed list displays all transaction informations but the transaction notes.

To simplify the user's work, the page layout it done automatically by Hold-Up:
it fits the paper size and orientation.