MidiHID Overview
What is MidiHID?
MidiHID allows you to use your favorite USB devices as MIDI controllers on Mac OS X Leopard.

MidiHID transforms USB devices into powerful MIDI controllers on Mac OS X Leopard. Use it to connect any USB HID compatible device (keyboard, joysticks, game controllers...), to any MIDI compatible software running on your Mac.

MidiHID is fully extensible thanks to configuration files that describe how to translate USB events to MIDI messages for a given device. Configuration files are written using the fast and lightweight Lua scripting language, which ensures minimal processor usage and latency during your performance.

Users can also write their own configuration files and exchange them through the MidiHID Community Forums.
What Types of USB Devices are Supported?
MidiHID should be compatible with any USB device that supports the standard HID protocol.

HID means Human Interface Device and is a class of USB devices to be used for human interaction like mice, keyboards, game controllers, etc... The box of the device will typically have a USB logo on it, as well as a mention of "HID compatibility" if appropriate.

Example compatible devices:

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