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Dear PixelShox Users,

Some of you will have noticed I was less active recently on the PixelShox Community web site. As a matter of fact, PixelShox Technology will no longer be actively supported. I have taken a full time position in the computer graphics field, where I hope to further build upon the revolutionary visual creation ideas behind PixelShox.

Let me thank you for your continuous support during the public beta period and your participation in the PixelShox Community web site. I'm happy to announce the release of an updated version of PixelShox Studio Public Beta which has no expiration date, so you can continue to enjoy the product (see at the bottom of this page).

Pierre-Olivier Latour

Addendum: I've been asked to reopen the forum of the former PixelShox Community Web Site (which had more than 500 members). I had planned to do it anyway as it was a valuable resources and, even if PixelShox development has stopped, it still has a consequent user base. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, I was not able to reopen the forum. So instead of installing a new one on this web site, I've chosen to create a Yahoo! group as it offers more features:
The group is opened to everyone, so feel free to join to continue the PixelShox experience ;-)
PixelShox Studio's revolutionary new approach in 2D/3D animation creation helps both novice and professional users in designing complex and interactive video effects through an intuitive Aqua interface.
Such animations are rendered in real-time on the computer's screen thanks to OpenGL and can be used either for personal enjoyment, or professionally in any project where interactive visuals are required: VJing, multimedia installations, presentations, concerts...
Completely hardware accelerated and using fully the latest Mac OS X technologies (OpenGL, CoreAudio, CoreMIDI, Cocoa...), this node-based 2D/3D video animation tool unleashes your creative inspiration with more than a 100 plug-ins (from basic mathematic operators to live video import), virtually unlimited number of compositions and layers, well-designed user-interface and great performances even on low-end machines!

PixelShox Studio is built on top of the PixelShox 3D Engine, a highly-flexible and extensible plug-in based OpenGL engine, designed to take advantage of the latest and upcoming technologies.
Please note that PixelShox Studio Public Beta is not supported anymore and no more development will be done on this product: the current version is the last one to be released.

Version 0.92b includes the following changes since 0.91:
  • No expiration date.
  • PixelShox Engine updated to 1.1.1 (various bug fixes and inclusion of the ARBVertexProgram and JavaScript plug-ins).
  • Full compatibility with setup files generated with 0.91, but setups saved with 0.92 cannot be opened in 0.91.
  • PixelShox Engine is integrated into the application (no need to install the framework).
  • External plug-ins not supported.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements in the editor.
  • Fixes the texturing bug of 0.92 and earlier versions in Mac OS 10.3 (Panther).

    Click here to download PixelShox Studio Public Beta 0.92b